The Group for Contemporary Music

In 1985 THE GROUP FOR CONTEMPORARY MUSIC was awarded a citation from the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters as follows:

The Group for Contemporary Music, founded in 1962 by Harvey Sollberger and Charles Wuorinen...changed the musical climate by redefining the standards of performance of knowing, demanding contemporary composition. It was the first collection of musicians joined in ensemble to present new music exclusively and appropriately, with the necessary preparation, in time and understanding.  Today its ideals, and its personnel have spawned a population of such groups across the country...wherever the music of our time has its rightful place.

For five decades, the Group has been central to the American new music scene, and for more than a generation has trained or introduced a large number of distinguished musicians.  The Group's primary aim is to present a broad spectrum of the highest compositional achievements of our time, from the classic works of our century to emerging new talents, never bowing to fashions of the moment, but always supporting excellence in composition and performance.

The Group has recorded for several labels including a series of discs for Naxos and Koch International Classics focusing on major unrecorded American chamber music, including works of Milton Babbitt, Ronald Caltabiano, Elliott Carter, Jacob Druckman, Morton Feldman, Donald Martino, Eric Moe, Wayne Peterson, Roger Sessions, Stefan Wolpe, and Charles Wuorinen among others.

The Group has presented many programs as part of the Works and Process at the Guggenheim Series.